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About Swing within Lg3D

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Hello Guys,
I am new to Lg3D.
I am developing few things in Java3D(source code will be available online).
& i want swing forms in Java3D, same as Lg3D is having.
But i am not getting, from where i should start ??
and which functionalities of Swing i have to extend..??

I think i should start with Lg3D code, but can anyone guide me where(which basic classes) to look at?? in Lg3D code.???
Or anyone who knows better ways of doing it.

- Nachiket

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Kirk Turner

This is some of the more complex code from LG3D that you are looking
at using. However, it should be doable. The basic principle is that a
new AWT Toolkit exists for LG3D to render the swing frames into a
buffered image for use as a texture.

As a place to start, have a look at the classes under
lg3d-core/src/classes6/ (this is the java6 specific awt
implementation). Note there is a different AWTToolkit for each
platform supported.

Also to see the implementation of this within LG3D have a look at the
lg3d-core/src/classes/org/jdesktop/lg3d/wg/ and the demo
application for it is in


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