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Why JavaFX?

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Joined: 2007-12-26

I'm a java programmer who heard about fx and got excited about it, so I came over to this site to look at examples, but I think I'm missing something....are these example apps supposed to run inside a browser like flash? Or is it meant to be a standalone app, and if so, then why not just use regular java? Am I not understanding it correctly? Is it just a scripting language to declare GUI, but then you use regular java to code the logic?

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Joined: 2007-05-18

JavaFX Script is a language with which you can develop "rich-client" applications (applications that that leverage the graphical and computing power of the desktop, and make requests to a server if it's a multi-tier application). Most examples seen currently run outside of the browser via Java Web Start, but soon you'll be seeing more JavaFX Script "applets" that run in the browser. Some compelling reasons to use it are its simplicity in expressing the user interface of an application, its innate ability to support model-view-controller pattern through binding the UI to a model, and the fact that it leverages the power of the vast number of Java classes that exist today. It is a fully object oriented, statically typed language, in which you primarily use declarative syntax to define the user interface. Please see my weblog at to begin getting up to speed on JavaFX. I'd recommend starting with the first post.

Have fun with JavaFX Script,
Jim Weaver