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Hello, i am newbie in JXTA and i have question,
I 've read JXSE programmers guide 2.5 and the source, i have question about discovery peer. I have some question

Do i need to connect to the rendezvous peer before i send discovery query messages for looking other peers or peergroup??

If i build JXTA application in local subnet not accross network/subnet do i need rendezvous or just ADHOC or EDGE config mode to send getremoteadvertisement command???

I have tried run the example Discovery (server and client) and it's done okay, but if the config mode of server i change become Rendezvous (both of server and client are EDGE before) the client can not find the server??? i don't know about this. Why and what should i do to make client could find the server

Thank you,please help me

note : I run the example in local PC, and sometimes connected to internet directly

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for your third question, please have a look at


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I am not expert in jxta Discovery mechanism, but if those simple answers can help you...

First (answer):
You do not necessarily need to get connected to a rendez-vous peer to discover other peers. In a local subnet you can use multicast, RDV are required when multicast cannot be used (different subnet, old routers, security restrictions, etc.)

Second (answer):
You can use getRemoteAdvertisement with only ADHOC and/or EDGE peers.

Third (answer):
no idea.

Be careful, if you get connected to several subnet at the time and using multicast discovery mechanism: it won't work properly as IGMP messages are only sent to one interface.