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How To Use PhoneME

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Is There an instruction manual on how to use mr2 on a windows mobile 6 smartphone.
im using a hp ipaq 515 and i use the esmertect jbed plattform but i want to use phoneME Advance Because I Require Jsr 82 and 184 For Gaming

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This is described here:

(see the bottom of the page).

However, as far as JSR 184 goes I have to disappoint you. The open source code currently contains no JSR 184 engine - For the commercial phoneME platforms (called Sun Java Wireless Client) Sun is using a 3rd party engine that we didn't have the right to open source. We are investigating how to remove this encumbrance but there there are no specifics yet. Ideally, the community could help with an open source 3D implementation.

-- Terrence