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Joined: 2003-09-14

Yep its me again the one that wants to know it all. I have been reading up on passing arguments to managed beans and was wondering if the AjaxWrapperPhaseListener was still in place that catches all request by (.ajax). I have been attempting to get that to work using facelets as well and I have not been successful. I am only getting a 404 message from the server.

Example doAJax call:

// Perform the ajax request
method : "POST",
url : jmaki.webRoot + "/faces/UserBean-userService.ajax",
content : { cmd : "setValue", value : args.value},
callback : function(req) {
jmaki.log("Back from request");

My Bean is named UserBean and I'm calling method userService.


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Joined: 2003-07-31

Hi Sloan,

Do you have your faces servlet mappeds to /faces/* ?

Faces Servlet

I suspect you don't have the mapping. If you do and still have problems can you log the real url being accessed and make sure the webroot + service name is correct?

There is an able of using managed beans in the Dojo test application.

You can download the app at:

Or view the source in the project at:

Let me know if you still have issues and will try to get you up and running.


Joined: 2003-09-14

Sorry for the delay I had my second child (Son) and I've been out of the office for a bit. I will get back on it and let you know. Been busy around here I see while I was gone :-)