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Integrating Java SE with Java ME

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Joined: 2007-12-20

Hey all,
I've been looking into Java ME for a little bit now and have read some about it. It's pretty cool stuff, however, there is one question I can't seem to find an answer to. Maybe I'm not looking in the right spots or have just passed it by when skimming docs, but I was hoping anyone of you out there may have an answer for me.

So I have this JSE application that does magical stuff. Is it possible to create a JME application to install on a mobile device that can receive information from the JSE application? More specifically, could the JME app receive updates from the JSE via RMI (or whatever JME can use) to communicate with the JSE app and update accordingly on the mobile device?

Wade Routen

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Joined: 2007-12-20

In addition to the question, I've been looking around some more in the JME docs, downloads, etc., and came across the optional JME RMI package. Is this package the one I'd want to use if I wished to upload data from my JSE application to my JME application?

Joined: 2003-06-15

Sorry to say but the optional RMI package for JavaME, is for CDC JavaME. (I know you are now asking what's the difference). Phones have CLDC JavaME and MIDP (or a few SonyEric dev MSA). So this RMI package would not work for you.

However you can do something like is talked about in this article.

However the concept of RMI is very simple and you could jwrite your own connection mechanism. There are some JavaME projects (such as that do data object persistence over a HTTP connection. You may also want to look at the Cajo project if you want to write to a solid and simple API to do Remote Invocation.

However in MSA specification there is an API - SATSA-JCRMI Optional Package which has a Java Card RMI client API. If focusing only on those devices when available is an option this might be a good solution, while if you need more market coverage, then you must do a bit more work to build something MIDP2 or JTWI compatible.

FYI.. I found 3 phones that SonyEricsson produced (k850,w910,z750) that have MSA support, and it's only been 1 yr since the spec was finalized. It may take another year before these devices are widely available.