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How to make JavaFX libraries a part of local JRE?

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I am running an applet (Jukka's example) with JavaFX, but loading all the signed jars and script interpretation all do take some time with JRE 1.6.0_02 that I have on the desktop where I am running the browser.

Is there a way to add the JavaFX jars to the JRE on the desktop on which I run the browser and make the applet use the jars from local directory rather than loading all of them on web?

If this is not possible, when can one expect a JRE release including JavaFX?


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I don't know when JavaFX will be included into the core Java distribution, but you could try some things to speed up loading:

1.) Compile your libraries with -target 6, this will speed up the verify-process a lot. As far as I know proguard can pre-verify classes without recompilation :)
2.) Put all classes into a single JAR-File. This way the browser does not make many roundtrips to check wether the jar-files are up-to-date.
3.) You could use a profiler like VTune für Intel processors, maybe this could be useful to find out where your time disappears...

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