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How to get tree node/cell selection data?

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Joined: 2007-12-17

How to get which cell in the tree is selected? Can I get the 'text' element of the tree cell that is selected? If not, what information exactly can be retrieved and how?

Basically, I need to have a tree in a left pane and based on which node is selected I need to draw a certain Widget in the right pane. What is the way to do that with JavaFX?

A quick answer would be very much appreciated, as we are trying out a prototype and I need to get to a solution on this by next day.

I am using NetBeans 6.0. Is that the right environment? I have tried to see the JavaFX API page But it does not have much help on this.


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Joined: 2007-01-11

Add a trigger that detects when the tree cell selection changes.

trigger on TreeCell.selected = value {
if (value == true) {
println("Selected cell is {text}");