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I'am a beginner, and really confused by SRDI. Could you help me?

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Dear all,

I've roughly finished reading the JXTAProtocols.pdf and the JXSE_ProgGuide_v2.5.pdf, and really confused by some problems involved SRDI as below:

1:Does a peer belong to only one rendezvous? When a peer publishes a new advertisement, what action the SRDI service to index advertisement is?

2:Page 23 in JXSE_ProgGuide_v2.5: "Once Node A publishes a set of advertisementsa set of indexes in the form of an SRDI message is sent to its rendezvous, RDV1, where such Indexes are stored, then replicated (based on their hash mapping) on rendezvous 2, 3, and 4. Node C then issues a query for advertisement A, which is walked to rendezvous 2, then mapped to rendezvous 3, then finally forwarded node A."
About "based on their hash mapping", where is the hash mapping stored and how to build the hash mapping?
How is the Node C walked to rendezvous 2?Via SRDI?

Thank you for any advice.

Best wishes.

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1) a) No, it can be connected to many rendezvous. You can check this with the getConnectedRendezVous() method in the rendezvous service.

b) SRDI will optimize the propagation of your advertisement to the peers interested to it. To make it short, it will make sure that less traffic is generated on the network in general.

2) Hash mappings are stored on rendezvous peers themselves in specific local directories. You don't need to worry about building the hash mapping yourself (if you are using the standard rendezvous service, which you'll most probably do).

If ever you create your own type of advertisements, you will have to specify which attributes of your advertisement should be used for hashing and the existing implementation of the rendezvous service will take care of it. That's about it.

Hope this helps,