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phoneMe source files and starting build

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Joined: 2007-11-30

first please tell me from where can i get the phoneMe source code, as im a bit confused where to get
it and start compiling/building it. i downloaded the following file as mentioned in url. - >

as mentioned in getting started guide for phoneMe feature software MR1, first set environment variables and then compile it using make command, but the zip file doesn't contains pcsl, midp, cldc and phoneMe directories specifically. Please guide me to the very basic step to start with building/compiling activity. [im using ubuntu 6.10]

--- also ---

as per my understanding (with reference to getting started guide for phoneMe feature MR1 software), following are the steps to build phoneMe source, please confirm me
1- build pcsl reference port
2- buid cldc reference port
3- build phoneMe reference port

--- also ---

pl tell me doxygen 1.4.1, montaVista CEE 3.1 ADK, and java card platform kit are required for only build process, and is there any alternate for montaVista (any free tool).

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Joined: 2007-11-30

and also another thing, in phoneMe source zip file, i mentioned above contains release notes, i which it is mentioned that linux/arm must meet following requirements.
# GCC Cross Compiler 3.3.1
# JDKâ„¢, version 1.4.2
# Doxygen version 1.4.4
[b]# CLDC[/b]

please tell me where can i get cldc and how to do with the stuff in this context.