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PhoneMe integration with Netbeans

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Hi Iam Gopi,
i am trying To integrate phoneME Feature into the NetBeans IDE, followed the steps mentioned in PhoneMe integration.
But when i trying to build the application i am getting the following preverify error Cannot run program "C:\pMEF_MR2_b20_midp_debug\pMEF_MR2_b20_midp_debug\bin\preverify": CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified

Thanks in adv,

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True, I should have added that. Beginners should definitely start with
WTK or NetBeans Mobility. Using the actual phoneME bits is something
I'd recommend if you are experienced with Java ME and you really want the
benefits of testing you application on a real-world stack, which WTK is not.

-- Terrence

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Hi Gopi,

First of all im not really an expert in PhoneMe till now but what i'd like to share is that i found Wireless Toolkit more compatible during my PhoneMe application development. It supports a lot of ME and has really cool emulators.

You can download the WTK at : [u][/u]
All the best

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Sorry for the slow response. Are you following


If yes and it is still not working you might be running into a "Windows DLL hell" problem. We have found that after building phoneME with the Microsoft Visual Studio tools the resulting binary may or may not run on other Windows machines. The reason seems to be some Windows DLL version mismatch and as a result you would get the fairly meaningless message about the "system not finding the file specified".

You can find more information and possible workarounds at the bottom of this page:

I have scoured the web and poked around in Microsoft's forums and help documentation but haven't been able to produce a binary yet that works reliably on all recent versions of Windows. As far as I can tell this is not a phoneME problem but an issue with the Microsoft environment.

If anyone has any further information on how to fix this I'd be very grateful.

-- Terrence