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When will be final version of Openxf?

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Like in title.

When final version of openfx will arise? Where I can find openfx project roadmap?


ps. sorry for my language

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Javafx sounds great and all but I really see no reason to sit and wait another year for this to be "final" and some devices to finally hit the market. By then the IPhone and Android phones will have a big head start and I bet this project crashes and burns in '09 because of that. Sun is going in too many different directions. Make it easy for developers to develop instead of confusing them with 1001 different java acronyms and technology that comes out every 6 months and then fades away just as fast. It took me an hour to set up a java development environment and another 2 hours to figure out how to use it. There are way too many different java-based technologies (acronyms) that you have to worry about when you do mobile. Sun needs to simplify and most importantly they need to get this to work on all existing j2me devices with no additional download.

Java mobile development is so frustrating and time consuming it's hardly worth it.

My $.02

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Sorry, you are not likely to see a roadmap until early next year. I'd say it is predictable that there will be some stable release of the JavaFX Script / Compiler by JavaOne, since they'll want to showcase it there.

Otherwise, no other information is currently available.

-Brad Mayer

Joined: 2007-12-03

tnx for info. I'll waiting for more.