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Delete a peerGroup

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i'm currently working on an application with the jxta api v2.4 and i have a problem : i really don't know how to delete a peerGroup.

Even if i launch my application few days after the creation of a peerGroup, as soon as i do a new peerGroup discovery, i can see that peergroup.

Is there any way to delete a peerGroup ?

I would like to find a fonction to delete it, and then find another fonction to flush the peerGroup advertisement from my rendez-vous Peer



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the best way is to ensure the PeerGroup advertisement's expiration time does not exceed the intended lifetime (or the lifetime of the peer group) for others to cache the advertisement. The approach to take is not publish the advertisement altogether, and either use a pre-determined method of creating such advertisement, or use an alternate exchange method other than discovery.