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[Re: Glassfish-v2-b53 admin console problems]

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I have found the connection to to be a bit of a snag,
especially when I don't have an internet connection so there is a
connection that tries to load. I cant remember how it behaved in the
latest version of GF though...but is there a way to disable the connection from the admin console?

Tomas skrev:
> I was trying to find out which version of GlassFish shipped with NB 6.0 Beta.
> According to this page
> even the beta version comes with GF v2-b58g, so pretty sure NB6.0 final release ships with b58g. If yours show b53, maybe there is older installation somewhere and may need cleanup.
> The connection to is for providing the latest information to present to user such as documentation, training etc at the bottom of the common task.
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