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How to change jdic.log file path

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I want to change the jdic.log file path, can any body help how to change or disable from writing the log file.

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It's much simpler than that. As several posts on this net say, the file is created "in the working directory." Right-click on the icon for whatever app is calling that JRE, choose "Properties," and then put your choice of directories (I use c:\temp) in the "Start in:" field. Click "OK" and the log will be created in that new path instead of on your desktop.

I'd still like to make it go away, but at least this gets it OUT of the way. . .

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I'm pretty sure you can turn it off via the static method in WebBrowser, but I'm not positive


If you look in the C++ you will see, Util.cpp. You have to comment it out. I don't see it a Marco for it. LogMsg shouldn't be exposed directly, We should remove them from the header file, or convert them to marcos. WBTrace should be used instead or we should do something like the following.

#if defined(DEBUG) || defined(_DEBUG)
#define LOGMSG(msg) LogMsg(x)
#define LOGMSG(msg)

// helper function for logging the given message to the predefined,
// log file "JDIC.log" under the *current/working* directory.
int LogMsg(const char* logmsg)
if (logmsg == NULL) {
return 0;

// Predefined JDIC log file.
const char* logFilePath = "JDIC.log";
FILE* logFile;

// Open the log file for appending messages.
if((logFile = fopen(logFilePath, "at")) == NULL) {
// Log file doesn't exist, create it.
if ((logFile = fopen(logFilePath, "wt+")) == NULL) {
// Error creating log file.
return -1;

// Append the given log message to the log file.
fprintf(logFile, "*** Clooster JDIC log: %s\n", logmsg);

return strlen(logmsg);

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Thanks for reply. I will try and revert.