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jmaki text input widget

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I am trying to do a simple example consisting of an text entry box and a button. the button is:

I could not find a text entry widget so I used a yahoo autocomplete widget:

in my glue.js there is:

jmaki.subscribe("/jmaki/button/search/onClick", function(args) {

var txtSearch = jmaki.getWidget('txtSearch');
var searchText = txtSearch.getValue();

jmaki.doAjax({method: "POST", url: "search.jsp?txtSearch=" + encodeURIComponent(searchText), callback: function(_req) {

jmaki.publish('/jmaki/button/search', { targetId: searchText });



this does work and passes the argument to search.jsp. however only if the autocomplete recognizes the input. (in this case 'ABC') I wanted to use a simple html input, but I could not reach the html input box from glue.js

In simple, How do I make a textEntryBox and a button, to execute something in db, in jmaki ways?

Any ideas/help/recomendations greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,

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Joined: 2007-12-05

hi segfault,

u can always access html input from the glue.js try the below code

var input= document.getElementById('form_id:input_id');
var target = input.value;