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jee environment setup (for a newbie) using jee sdk,eclipse and tomcat

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Joined: 2007-12-05

I am very new to j2ee applications and i need some help to set up my environment.
I have some questions:

1- Can i use classical eclipse by adding j2ee.jar to the classpath to create dynamic web application?

2- Are classical eclipse and eclipse web tool related to each other and working together, or are they totally seperate IDEs ?

3- If i am using Eclipse Web Tools IDE, then do i have to do any arrangement related with j2ee.jar or any similar jar?

4- Eclipse does not create the projects in the path where Tomcat is located,
it creates the project in its own workspace, does this situation cause a problem?

5- Does jee sdk include jse sdk?

6-Does jee sdk include an applicaiton server, or do i have to install tomcat or somethin like that to create a dynamic web application

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Joined: 2006-05-17

I haven't used Eclipse IDE in about a year, but, from what I can remember, nothing was out-of-the-box. I still don't think it is. Just a bunch of optional plugins.

You might want to consider using NetBesns IDE instead. It comes bundled with JSE and J2EE and the Tomcat and JBoss containers I believe. If not, all are very easy to install. takes you through all the steps and runs you through small sample projects. Easy for creating JSPs, Servlets, and EJBs. Also works great with MySQL if you are doing simple database development. Why not switch to that IDE. After all, it was created by the same people that brought you Java.