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does "selected" attribute works for a widget

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The developer document of "Using jMaki Widgets as JavaServer Faces Components" on jmaki project site says that we can get the selected value of a widget by adding a property to bean and by using a selected attribute in the widget tag but the tld doesnt has a value of selected...

am trying to get the value of dojo.dropdowndatepicker i got it using glue.js but can anyone suggest me an easy method to get it like by using the value attribute

thanks a lot


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Hi Karthik,

Jennifer is a tech writer that helps out on jMaki and wrote the tutorial you are referring to. She could not log in to and post so I did it for her. See below for her response.


From Jennifer:

This document is out-of-date. I will remove all links to it until we can update it. I was planning to update it in November, but I was told it would make more sense to wait until we release version 1.1, which will include some new functionality that makes this sort of thing easier (see Sorry for misleading you.

In the meantime, the following thread should be helpful to you as far as getting the selected value with the current release functionality:

Basically, you need to use the publish/subscribe mechanism for this. As I understand it, you can only use the value attribute to get the initial values when the page loads for the first time.

I hope that helps.