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deployment kit :: Almost silent installation ?

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Hi all,

Today if i trigger installLastestJRE, i am directly redirected to a webpage on wich is confusing for the end user. He came on my site for my cool new application and ends up on another website about something he has never heard of and wich doesn't even look like the site he was on previously.

Wouldn't it be nicer to have on our page a message saying : "To see this page correctly you need to install our applet - click here to start", click on a button wich immediatly starts the installation without going to some other website ?

The end user gets java installed(good for Sun) without having to understand what is java(Good for us and the end user who is not a technician).

I think that's the biggest Sun-Java team problem : It looks like they want everyone to know about them and the fancy technology they create. But the truth is, most users don't care how it works or what is the name of the framework, as long as it installs seamlessly in a few seconds, is very usable, and does the job. If we want to see 96 % java penetration, we must have a seamless, almost no interaction install.

Can someone count the number of clicks and choices a user, who doesn't have java installed, have to do in order to simply launch a signed applet that just shows him an image that's on his harddrive ? ARgggggghhhh : )

Couldn't it be just like flash, the browser prompts: "you must have some activex, extension installed to run that do you wish to install it ? Ok, wait a second....Here you go you can now use the program you wanted !". You almost couldn't notice it's flash which needs to be installed. Perfect !

So while you guys are doing a great job with the new JRE, the deployment kit and the kernel mode(awsome++), it would be awsome+++ to implement a direct, almost silent install(Show the licence at minimum though : ). The basic user doesn't care where you install the files, just do it already : ) Maybe a dual mode like .installLatestJREAdvanceUser() and .installLatestJRESilentMode() or parameters :.installLatestJRE(NOSPLASH,SHOWLICENCE,DEFAULTINSTALLDIRECTORY,NOTHANKYOUENDSCREEN)

Sorry for the long post wasn't suppose to be so large, I just got carried away : )

Keep up the good work.



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Sorry but I gotta flame ya yahel.

You should never assume where the customer wants to install anything. That assumption is one of my biggest pet peeves of software. This is how we ended up with "Program Files" on Windows that gets automatically set to the C: drive whether you like it or not and if you try to change it you have to re-install ALL software including that which came with the OS.

I think the Deployment Team has done a great job here with the NG Deployment in J6u10. Other plug-ins also redirect to their own website and have done so since the beginning, including flash, adobe reader, quicktime, windows media player, etc. Only recently have some of these plug-ins found a way around that (and only for some browsers), and not all customers like too much automation. I don't. I want the opportunity to refuse a modification to my system.

Yes, having to weave thru other websites can be too much but its now pretty straight forward with the new Java Tester page. There is only one page. No navigating required.

If you use a completely blind installation keep in mind that you will be pissing off some of your customers, unless you warn them what you are about to do, before they click that link.

Good job Deployment Team!

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Hi guys,

I'm glad i'm not alone : )

Do you know if there is a JRE WishList somewhere to be sure someone from Sun actually read this ?

Best regards.


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This issue is summed up quite eloquently on this blog post:

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I would take it a step further and provide and/or document a mechanism to completely visually emulate the default Flash/Flex loading behaviour so that Applets can easily be a drop-in replacement without any end-user really noticing.

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I'm a server-side developer, but I agree with you; Java installation is too "look at me! I'm Java! Made by Sun!", while the end-user couldn't care less about it.
Installation should be made easier and more seamless.