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3 canvases for a 180 degree view..

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Hi, I'm going to try and explain this the best I can but I am wanting to have 3 canvases in my frame, the middle on displaying forward of the view point, and the left and right canvases to show to the left and right of the view.. this I can do .. but I need the left and right to display what is in the scene as it leaves the middle canvas. So if something leaves the middle canvas because I turn the view to the right.. as soon as it leaves the middle canvas would appear in the left canvas.

What I am assuming is that I would have to widen the angle at which the view sees in the left and right canvas but I have no idea how to do this..

please any help would be greatly appreciated..

ps. if u need more information coz I have not explained it well enough please ask :)

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Joined: 2007-12-01

Hi I looked into the .cfg file for the cave and rotate view, but I am having some difficulty using it. Does the ConfigObjLoad class load in the .cfg file as the parameters of the ConfiguredUniverse ?? What object filename is it expecting to pass to ConfigObjLoad's constructor.

I implemented it without passing an obj file, just the .cfg file and it doesnt seem to load the data from the file in.

Do you know of any tutorials or anything ?? Would really appreciate some help.



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Have you read the README.txt file in the same directory ? It is well documented on how the program works.

" ....
The ConfigObjLoad application is a modified version of the ObjLoad example
program which uses the ConfiguredUniverse utility instead of SimpleUniverse.
It also differs in the following other respects:

The configuration file to load is specified by the j3d.configURL
property. If one is not specified, it will load the file j3d1x1-window.cfg
in this directory.


To load a specific configuration file, set the j3d.configURL property on the
command line:

java -Dj3d.configURL= ConfigObjLoad

For example, to load j3d1x2-rot30.cfg in the current directory, run

java -Dj3d.configURL=file:j3d1x2-rot30.cfg ConfigObjLoad


Hope this helps.

- Chien

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Check Java3D demo configured_universe.ConfigObjLoad
There are several predefined configurations, but I guess one of j3d1x3-cave.cfg and j3d1x3-rot45.cfg does what you need.