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display message when doAjax is called

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Joined: 2006-04-05

hello everybody...

i think it would be nice if when a jmaki.doAjax is called a message is displayed on the screen saying something like 'loading....'

i could change jmaki.js but it's really difficult to figure out what's going on that file...
jmaki-uncompressed.js on the other side is 3 times bigger than jmaki.js

any ideas??

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Joined: 2006-04-05

thank you very much for the reply..
i will study the pages on contributing code to jMaki, i will try to do something usefull and hopefully you'll be hearing from me again...


Joined: 2007-03-17

Here is a [u]quick hack[/u] to emulate DWR-like jmaki.doAjax. It works most of the time when you do not have 404 errors.

<%@ taglib prefix="a" uri="http://jmaki/v1.0/jsp" %>

jMaki with loading text message (for fun!)

jMaki with loading text message (for fun!)

 jmaki.doAjax... Please wait! 


Joined: 2005-02-10

jmaki.js is the compressed version of jmaki-uncompressed.js We provide both for debugging purposes. If you move jmaki-uncompressed.js to jmaki.js then you can run a version that is readable and make the change.

Once done you can contribute the change back so we can added to the next release. We use Dean Edward's packer tool to do the compression if you want to have a compressed version before we ship something again.

See our community page for information on contributing code to jMaki.