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Specialization Decision

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I am close to graduating with a BS degree in Computer Science. I have learned the JAVA language for the last 3 years as part of the curriculum, and have developed a wide range of skills in application programming using this language. The time has come for me to specialize in a chosen field of programming (graphics, databases and networking options) and I was hoping to solicit some opinions on which would be the most lucrative field given the current employment market. I have enjoyed using the swing and awt classes very much, and I'm curious as to whether or not pursuing graphics would be a wise choice as compared to database and networking options. If any individuals who are "out there" and aware of the current employment conditions could please help me to make a better informed decision I would greatly appreciate it.

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Hi emyers106,
I think that depends on the region/country and the branch as well where you like to have an employment. In some branches employers are looking for J2EE programmers very often. When you get a job in small companies I made the experience that they often give people a try without any specialization on certain Java-technologies.
I think it is a good fundament knowing about JDBC, XML-technologies and GUI-programming like Swing, AWT, or SWT. But it is of course not wrong to know also about networking, like doing with Web-Servers (Servelets, Applets, Web-Start etc)
I think a lot depends on the first company you start your career. I for example was long ago busy on IBM main frames till I came across Java.