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Automaticaly generated wsdl : schema location problem

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Joined: 2007-11-25

I have written a small webservice and deploying onto Sun App Server. I am accessing the wsdl from client and it gives me following error..

[copy] Copying 1 file to F:\HandCoded\
[wsimport] error: http://JVVDelInspriron1300:8080/convertaddressA1/ConvertAddressService/__container$publishing$subctx/WEB-INF/wsdl/ConvertAddressService_schema1.xsd
[wsimport] unknown location
[wsimport] error: http://JVVDelInspriron1300:8080/convertaddressA1/ConvertAddressService/__container$publishing$subctx/WEB-INF/wsdl/ConvertAddressService

what I notice here if I change my local computer name with my IP address in generated wsdl it could find the schema file
For example, instead of "http://JVVDelInspriron1300:8080/convertaddressA1..."
if I change to ""
then it works. I am deploying webservice on server and it automaticaly generates the wsdl for me. So I have to manually change the wsdl as above.

Any help appreciated.

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Joined: 2007-11-25

Actually, it does not seem really a problem. I just restarted the server and it works now even with local computer name.