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Slow window resizing

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I've tried jdk6u10b7 on my brothers XP machine (Geforce6600, NVidia-NForce4, AMD Sempron-3100+) and I saw very slow window resizing. When resizing the window the borders resized smooth, but the content itself took 1s to catch up - until the content catched up I could see the desktop between the content and the window-borders.

I don't think its D3D or u10 related, it also happens when I turn off the D3D pipeline.

Any ideas about what could be the reason of this behaviour? "Graphic accaleration" is turned to "full", the driver is not that old as far as I know and non-java programs don't show this behaviour. The only strange thing about this machine is that it does not use the ACPI-Kernel, because I tried some time ago to load NT4 drivers ... which did not load correctly anyway.

lg Clemens

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I don't know the answer to your question but I think you would have a better chance of getting a helpful response in the Update N forum:

This is the sort of thing they would like to know about. It may be a bug in the latest build of Update N. I know I am having some problems with it on Windows XP.

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