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Is there an implementation of JSR135(mmapi) for linux/ARM available

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Is there an implementation of JSR135(mmapi) for linux/ARM phoneME Feature available (i mean the source code)? Or just any implementation of JSR135 for linux/ARM?


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Sorry, it took me a while to dig into this. I had conversations with some folks in our JSR implementation teams and here is what I've found out:

Right now there is no complete open source implementation of JSR 135 (or JSR 234, for that matter) for phoneME. In fact, JSR 135 is currently one of the encumbered pieces of the phoneME OS code base and so right now there is no media support in phoneME due to that fact. phoneME Feature MR3, which will become available soon (watch the announcements) will have a binary plug that provides JSR 135 support - however, this is an evaluation version library for Windows X86 only based on a 3rd party component.

Multimedia support for other platforms such as Linux is tricky because it requires tight integration with native media platform APIs, engines, and the existence of appropriate codecs. Therefore there is no universal solution. phoneME has the JavaCall API that provides an abstraction layer to underlying native platform functionality so the key is to find appropriate native media support engines and hook these up to the JavaCall API.

On Linux there are several open source media libraries/engines, such as and Unfortunately, both have significant limitations that make them not immediately suitable.

Among the problems are lack of codecs for certain formats needed in JSR 135, lack of features such as Midi-PCM conversion, 3D audio and more. Furthermore, these media libraries typically bring their own integration architecture, APIs, and abstraction features which may not mesh well with or duplicate things already in JavaCall. And finally, the libraries can be very heavyweight and therefore unsuitable for embedded devices.

So right now there is no easy approach. The recommendation from our engineers would be to start a JSR 135 implementation from scratch based on the JavaCall API and pull in small third-party components such as a Midi-PCM converter and codecs from other sources and open source projects as appropriate. The benefit to this approach is that much of it will be reusable for other platforms, not just Linux/ARM.

I hope this helps,

-- Terrence

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I am checking with our engineering team to see if we have support for SDL lib ( I hope to have an answer soon.

-- Terrence

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I would also love to know about this.


-John @ Bug Labs

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i also focus on it, if there is an implementation of jsr135 for linux/mips?