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Request improved deployment...

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Joined: 2005-10-10

Hi All,

I have downloaded and installed the jre update N and am pleased with the improvements so far. I have one recommendation regarding deployment. Since there have been so many issues regarding installing applications using webstart and Vista why not have an install work like an actual app but support dynamic updates the webstart provides? I found an interesting solution (on the JDIC forum ) you all might want to look at and give feedback about it. It is listed below:

I downloaded the netx software from This is an open source JNLP implementation. After some changes to the netx UI to use my splash page and progressbar, I wrapped it in an exe using Launch4j and created a setup.exe for it (I used Inno Setup).

Users run the Setup.exe on their Vista pcs to install netx. When they click the icon, netx launches the jnlp. Voila. I have a webstart enabled application running as a Vista application with full autoupdate.