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Feature request: maximize (and restore) button on JDialog

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Joined: 2006-07-13

we use quite some JDialogs in our application and one of the things users frequently search for is a way to maximize the dialog. One of the dialogs is a printpreview dialog. There are quite some topics regarding this and possible solutions range from creating your own title bar or letting a frame behave like a dialog. Both are hacks which I would like to avoid. In the bug database it appears that this maximize behaviour is sometimes available but this is considered a bug ( I can imagine that minimizing a dialog should be impossible (since it is not displayed in the taskbar), but why not provide an option to maximize it? I have to admit that it is quite impossible to find a dialog in Windows with such a button, but it is possible to resize dialogs, so why not provide an easy option for the user to resize it to the max? If it is provided as an option than developpers still have a choice to display it or not.

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