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Wrong "src"

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Joined: 2007-11-20

Hi ,
I am new in jMaki and
am facing a problem in using it .

I am trying to use a Widget by using the jsp tag

This jsp generates html to include the javascript file jmaki.js

The problem is that the address http://localhost:8080/MyPOC/ is an invalid address
because the name of my current jsp file is index.jsp , bu t the path that is genereated appends ".do" to it and passes the name of the jmaki.jas as query string , because of which i am getting javascript error jmaki is undefined .

Please let me know how to ensure that the correct js file loaction is generated.

Best Regards
Chandan Ahuja

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Joined: 2003-07-31


This is usually caused by not having jmaki.js located in your web application.

The location jmaki.js is searched for is:


For more on the jMaki app structure see:

Let us know if you have any problems and please feel free to contact me directly if you are kept waiting too long in the future gmurray71 (a)