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1.6 Update N: "Installing components ..." with deployJava.js

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As soon as I add deployJava.js to my page I get a blank screen with the words "Installing components ..." in the status bar when using Internet Explorer. In FireFox it works correctly. The source of the page is

This is what I added to my page.

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Joined: 2007-09-05


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This is caused by the 'defer="true"' argument.
(which explains why it works in FF, since this arg is ignored)
If you defer loading the script till the end of the page, then the calls you make to this script cannot be resolved unless they were also in a defer block.

so a page of:

will fail, where a page of just: will work. Since usually you would want an applet or webstart launch button written into the page at particular places, it is better to just not use the defer="true" arg. /Andy