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Knexus - A new real-time 3D Java Desktop application

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Joined: 2006-02-04

I wish to announce the release of a new Java3D/JDIC desktop application. The program is called Knexus. It's website is here:

Knexus is a real-time 3D virtual library. The books in the library are links to virtually any file, program, directory or URL that the host computer can access. Simply click on a book to open it and see a summary of the associated file. Click again to launch it. Knexus will launch the program with it's appropriate application.

The user populates the library by sending file links directly from the desktop or web browser to Knexus. Then create a unique book (color, shape, title) and select a shelf location for the book. This process imbues a sense of space and appearance for all of your electronic data. It is what allows you to go immediately to a real book on one of your own bookshelves, even if you placed the book years ago. Also, it allows linking-books for related files that may have with widely scattered real locations to be shelved right next to each other for perfect file organization and easy access. Even if your real files are a mess. the library can be a perfectly organized representation.

Check it out. This is the next paradigm in human/computer interface and it's here today with Java.

Also, many thanks to the desktop and java3d forums for help with many of the problems I encountered while writing this program.