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Sending SMS from desktop?

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Is there an API that I can use to send SMS from a workstation? Such as if I have an alert that needs to be sent via SMS.

Thanks, S.D.

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I tried it out on my website that is about starting a preschool and I wanted to use it so I could contact people easier. But ultimately decided not to go with SMS messaging as a way to communicate because it can get costly once you are sending to lots of people.

For a few contacts it's not a bad idea, but it's one of those things you have to consider the cost. I wonder if the cost will come down in the coming years, like email has. It's basically free to send a email.

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I used Txtimpact SMS Gateway Software. Txtimpact SMS Gateway is software utility that enables you to easily send and receive text "Short Messages" over GSM cellular telephone networks from your local PC or through the network.

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I have installed sms gateway in my website to send free sms. It is very nice tool.

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I am regular user of, i have got good response from there so thanks for share with us.
and I want to share you one think, if you don't know, There is latest version of that is [b][/b]

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Why you try Wire2Air SMS Gateway API. wire2air is a US based company engaged in providing sms gateway, bulk sms, mobile contents delivery(like ringtones, wallpapers, videos, images, animations)and mobile marketing solutions and platforms.

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Do you need to receive SMS? If you need to receive SMS, you will need to host your own GSM device or modem so that people can send you SMS.

If not, you can just use internet SMS gateways like clickatell to do the work, and post to them by HTTP, XML or email. The cost is about 6-8 cents per SMS. There are cheaper services, but not always reliable. If you need to host your own GSM device, you can use software like or (GPL Open Source). Alternatively, you may obtain a shortcode from your Telco - but these come with monthly subscription of maybe one or two hundreds. :)

[url=]SMS Server[/url]@Expert

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you can add GSM modem and use AT-commands for sending SMS. Or use some personal SMS gateway like this one:

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You may also look at - they provide SMS web service.

I had some problems with it, but it works with JAXWS2.1

Best regards

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My favorite way recently is to send it via AOL Instant messenger - just put a +1 in front of the number (works in the US, haven't tried to figure out if the +1 is strictly the country code), i.e. send to +13238675309.


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You can use the SMTP method which is to send an email to the service provider assuming they have it setup. It is something like
Here is a link:

Or you can use a service such as which has a web frontend.

or you can use a full service SMS gateway provider such as
which support HTTP calls, and here is a library I put together that support it, in much the same API style as SimpleWire. I also have an interface for
Here is that Link: