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Java Vidio/Audio Support

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Joined: 2005-05-10

I am looking at building our next generation system as an RIA, I am currently looking at Flex, OpenLaszlo and JavaFX. I would really really like to use JavaFX, it looks great, but currently is missing media playback capabilities.

What is the problem with integrating something like Ogg Theora playback with JavaFX, this would give it feature parity with Flash as far as I'm concerned and would make it a no brainer to use FX instead of all the other things.

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Joined: 2007-11-30

Don't know what, exactly, you are building, but we stream A/V to java - streaming content to any java device. Our decoder is java and in the stream, providing trick play, timestamping the content for insertions, etc. We don't write to the HDD, so no piracy hole esists. We don't sit around waiting for buffers to fill and re-fill -- we pull via http get rather than push, so we also never overrun our buffer and make the viewer wait for it to fill again. We will shortly be releasing an authoring/encoding app as open source and free. We have an SDK and about 356 APIs -- you probably can build whatever you'd like with our toolset, and deliver it to any java device in the world. We're in GoogleTak, AIM, Oracle... reach me at