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3 Charting questions

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1. How do I make the streaming data example work? All other charts are working for me in tomcat except the streaming one in IE(firefox seems to be ok). Getting the following error in the IE browser
Error:Expected identifier, string or number

2. can I stream my own data on the x-axis from server?

3. Can someone post a web.xml for the jmaki-charting. Tomcat seems to use the default web.xml but glassfish does not like it if there is not web.xml

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Joined: 2003-07-31

1) I'll look at the bug for IE, it should be easy.

2) You could stream the data, but would need to use Ajax requests to fetch it. We will try to provide an example.

3) We'll put a web.xml in the charting.

Thank you for the feedback.