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Please use minior-version-number 6.1 for "jdk6uN"

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I know its some kind of strange request, but why doesn't Sun use the minor-version-number für jdk6uN? I know some years ago some managers decided to call 1.5.0 suddenly Java-5, and not using minor numbers anymore, the same managers that renamed Java->Java2->Java and all the funny things which only confused customers.

Jdk6uN is another thing which in my opinion will only confuse.
1.) First of all it _will_ break application, and users downloading _update_releases_ don't expect things to be broken.
2.) Many new features were included, so why is this just an update release? Of course its not JDK7, but to be honest its just more than an oridnary update release.

I don't think anybody would complain if jdk6uN would be called JAVA-6.1 when it will be released, it would just avoid confused end-users ;)

lg Clemens

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I think this is a great idea! Although I doubt Sun have any intention of calling the release "Update N" as it clearly would mean little to most people. It's probably going to be called "Update 10" judging from the latest build.

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