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Compiling for Gumstix, glibc problem?

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Joined: 2006-02-27

I'm trying to compile PhoneME Advanced MR2 (latest source from svn) for Gumstix (attempted both revision 1511 and the revision from today, which I think is 1557?) and getting an error. I'm on Ubuntu 7.10 and have all required/suggested packages installed for both builds.

Gumstix "buildroot" toolchain builds without any problems.

I've successfully built and tested PhoneME Adv. MR2 for linux-x86, and now attempting to cross-compile for linux-arm using the Gumstix toolchain/cross-compiler (copied linux-arm-generic and pointed appropriate variable to the bins in the Gumstix toolchain).

The first error:

cc ../../src/linux/javavm/runtime/time_md.c
../../src/linux/javavm/runtime/time_md.c:38:30: error: gnu/libc-version.h: No such file or directory

Editing time_md.c to not need this include file just to see if there was anything else not working showed that there was, but one step at a time.

It appears that maybe there's a glibc expected version in PhoneME that's not being used in Gumstix, but before I got lost in looking for versions I thought I'd post in case anyone here has insight on the issue or already knows the versions of one or the other offhand.