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Direct3D is disabled in win2003 in 6uN EA?

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I got "[W] GetFlagValues: D3D is disabled on Win Server 2003" while set J2D_TRACE_LEVEL=4

Is it the default behaviour or I can force to enable it in windows 2003?

thanks in advance!


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Joined: 2003-12-31

I've replied via email but it for some reason didn't get through
so reposting:

Hi James,

yes, the d3d pipeline is disabled on Windows 2003,
and starting with build 08 on any server-class OS
(for example Windows Server 2008).

The reason is that typically people don't care about
graphics performance on a server, and also drivers
tend to be old/buggy on servers as they are not
updated as often.

If you have an opinion or use case on why this
should not be the case please let us know.