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"cannot commit - no transaction is active" in Jxta-C

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When I run jxta-c, there is always an error:
[CM]-error-[11/06 08:36:53:546875][TID: 3624] - db_id: 1 End transaction failed!
cannot commit - no transaction is active

What caused this error? and how does it affect this application? It seems that it can not write some advs to jxta-NetGroup?

Please help me! Thanks!

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Joined: 2007-03-21

I debugged jxta-c. It seemed that the transaction ended automatically by some reasons.

The sequence is that: firstly we start a transaction by the function:apr_dbd_transaction_start().

After we make some transactions, we end this transaction by the function:apr_dbd_transaction_end()

But, actually, the transaction ends before we call the function apr_dbd_transaction_end().

What are reasons to cause a transaction to end?

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I've got the same problem.
Anyone knows how to fix it?

I'm using the prebuild libs: