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New Linkedin Java Mobile User Groups & Others, Invite to Join

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Joined: 2007-10-21

Simply click and Join.

You're invited to join Linkedin's new group, "Java Mobile User Group" in addition to several others with relevant interest to you

Join Java Mobile Embedded, Click:

Joining will allow you to find and contact other group members on LinkedIn. The goal of this group:

* "A focus group of fellow Java oriented Software Architects, MTS, Scientists, Developers, Designers, Testers and Engineering enthusiasts to share their experience and mentor each other, to facilitate a broader networking experience to enhance knowledge and above all, to build community. "


* Ability to "People Search" among fellow members
* Avoid using InMail credits, in favor of an Introduction among fellow members
* Accelerate careers/business through referrals from fellow Group members
* Know more than a name - view rich professional profiles from fellow engineers

Hope to see you in the group!

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