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Are Vista Colours Correct ?

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Joined: 2003-12-04

Im posting this here because my app uses swingx and not really sure if there are a few problems wirth myapp, swingx swing or nothing at all. I'm wondering what people think of the Vista scheme as much as anything else.

Just moved to a Vista machine, and they seemed it to make as many items as white as possible this applies to the machine in general not Java apps. For Java apps an example is on a JPanel with JTextFields both the textfield and the panel are white, although when I look using an image editor the textfields actually have a colour of (255,255,255) whereas the panel is slightly darker at (240,240,240). Table Column headers are also fully white.

With my own application using Java 1.6.0_03 I find it harder to use with the Vista colour scheme. Im tempted to make adjustments, changing uses of (240,240,240) to say (220,220,220) , but dont want to make it non Vista like

One thing that does seem to be wrong in swingx is the colour of the JStatusBar component ,

There are some screenshots of xp versus vista here:


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Joined: 2003-06-12

Nope, I also have on Vista the same wrong color for JXStatusBar;

Joined: 2006-06-08

If someone is willing to contriute the correct color schemes for Vista, I can apply them to the delegate.