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My observations on jqs

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Just had a quick look at JQS (running on Firefox 2000).
1. I had to enable JQS manually using the command line tools (register, enable). Is it not registered/enabled by default when you install beta 5?
2. The applets still appear to lock the page up. The html does not display until the applet is loaded. I was under the impression (reading other peoples comments) that the html was supposed to display whilst the applet was loading, leaving a 'white rectangle' where the applet is loaded.
3. If i am on - which has a black background, navigating to leaves the black background in place, with a 'white rectangle' where the applet is loaded. Once the applet is loaded, the black background disappears and is replaced with the rest of the html (with white background and text)

Also tested in Firefox 3 a8 - same result.