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single application, multiple protocols/peer objects working?

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Hi all. I just started reading formally about JXTA and I wanted to know this 2 things:

1. Is it possible to have, in a single p2p "client"(peer), several protocols and "peer" objects working together? Example: in a single swing app, have a peer discovery/peer resolver, and rendevous objects working at the same time. Is that possible, or I have to designate a swing app to be a rendevous peer, and another swing app for discovery/resolver?

2. I want to communicate some information of the "p2p client" with a webserver for having some webapp to show information about the client; lets say, a 2-digit integer value. Does JXTA might need to use one of these special protocols for that, or there could be other methods for it?(i won't be using J2EE, just html/php/javascript for the webapp)

Hope for an answer soon, thanks in advance!

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Your questions are not very clear.

A peer can use all or a subset of 6 jxta platform protocols. …also you don’t need 2 swing applications on the same peer.

The only Java API you need to interface JXSE with a Web server is servlet. So you don’t need the PHP to communicate with the Web server.
Having the web server as a Jxta peer simplifies the application development and enables you to easily extend the app´s features.

servlet is bundled with the JXSE binary distribution, because HttpServlet is used by standard impl. of JXTA to offer relay service for firewall/NAT traversal of jxta messages.

I also recommend you to use the JXSE 2.4.1, because the 2.5 is not released. So you will avoid some problems.
Time is needed to become familiar with Jxta details. Use programmer’s guide of 2.4.1 to learn more about JXTA. Its samples work fine.