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MIDP UI configuration

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I've just compiled and run PhoneME Feature on an ARM developpement board. I have a 800 * 480 LCD screen but when I launch a middlet with runMiddlet only a very little part of the screen is used. So my question is : where can I configure the parameters for the Middlet Launcher to use the entire screen ?
I use qt embedded to manage the display. I could also use directFB since I have directFB installed and working on the developpement board but I can't find any documentation on building MIDP with directFB support .


Arnaud D.

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I've never used qt but which values do you have for FULLWIDTH and FULLHEIGHT in your constants.xml file? The file is located in midp/src/configuration/configuration_xml/linux_qte

Note that some bitmap are only 176x220 or 240x320. You might need to resize them to your display size.