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AWT event thread exceptions when gui updates quikly

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Joined: 2006-06-20

Hi, I get these ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exceptions in the AWT-Event Dispatch thread when my program updates the JTable rather quickly. It doesn't seem to harm the program's functionality or stability (as far as I know,) but I'd like to see if there is away to prevent them from happening. I use JDK could this be a syncrhonization problem? or do I have to put EVERY swing command in EventQueue.runLater() ?

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Joined: 2004-06-19

This could be a syncrhonisation problem. If you're update is running as an event handling method, then it's automatically executed on the Event Dispatch Thread. I'm led more to believe that it's an actual mistake in the code though and the index out of bounds will happen anyway. Do a LOT more testing to isolate the problem. The Exceptions you're seeing from the EDT are a problem since it means something in your program is going seriously wrong. Read up on concurrency issues a bit to understand threading in Java esp. Swing. There are articles dedicated to it.