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netbeans/windows mobile/phoneme advanced

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I feel like I should be able to use netbeans (5.5 or 6) and create an new project which allows me to develop, deploy and debug a CDC application directly on my windows mobile 5 phone by running phoneme advanced on the device. But I can't figure out how to do this.

Does anyone know of a guide that can help me do this?

I have successfully set up netbeans to run an application on my phone (cingular 8125) using the Cre-ME jvm. But it does not support debugging and it's UI fidelity is scary.

I guess the piece I am missing is a "platform" within netbeans that is set to allow this? does this make sense:) ?

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Joined: 2004-03-04


The phoneME Advanced support for Windows Mobile is still in its infancy. You can check the phoneME Advanced forum ( for more info on the status of it.

You can use the deployment feature of NetBeans to deploy directly to a device, for example via USB. But, yes, you will want to create a NetBeans platform setting for that platform first to capture the platform properties (in this case phoneME Advanced on Win Mobile).

-- Terrence