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Re: [JAI-IMAGEIO] How to create pyramid tiff files with JAI

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Just take the original image, write it, scale it, write scaled,
etc. Don't scale the original but use the already scaled image
recursively to improve performance. You will get a bottom up pyramid.

There are a lot of messages about how to scale in the
JAI mailing list. This list is only about JAI-imageio.

Kind regards,
Marco Jacob, PMP
Prisma GmbH, Germany

>Hello Brian
>Thanks for the quick response.
>But I have another question: what did you mean by "recursively downscaling the
>image". Can you show me an example, please. (I'm new in JAI).
>Best regards.

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Hello Marco

Thanks for the answer and I'm sorry about this going to the wrong house. :-)

Best regards