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So where is Mobile JavaFX??

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So with the media reporting the death of JavaME and Mr. Gosling's reply, I'm reminded that there was a big announcements at Javaone 07 and demo of the forthcoming MobileFX project. To which we have seen absolutely nothing.

Can anyone give us some idea of when we might start being able to play with such a beast.

And will it have a usable licensing agreement..... I've noticed that JavaFX can NOT be used except for evaluation purposes only.


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The details are still fluid. FX Mobile is a complete stack that is offered as a vertical solution for deployment on OEM handsets. Because platform consistency, compatibility, and integration are key goals I think it is unlikely that FX Mobile will be offered in parts anytime soon. More information will become public over the next couple of months as it gets finalized and FX Mobile comes to market.

-- Terrence

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The licensing details are still being worked out, but all indications point to the Java FX Script language and runtime being open sourced under the GPL with classpath exception just like Java.

See this thread for a bit more info:


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Regarding JavaFX Mobile, it seems like it is a entire software stack of mostly Java and some Linux kernel.

1) Will JavaFX Mobile be licensed to hardware vendors with an aim of replacing the the current set of handset OS like Symbian and Windows Mobile etc?

2) Or can JavaFX Mobile or even JavaFX script run on top of other handset OSs?
Much like how J2ME is being offered at the moment


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Here's my perspective on this story:

As for Java FX Mobile: Sun is working full steam on getting the evaluation version ready. It takes time to put together such a complex piece of software and to integrate and test it with real devices and operators. Details on availability and licensing will be announced when ready ... I wish there was more specific information available at this point but things are still in flux.

-- Terrence

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Hello Shawn,

I´ve posted some news I got around JavaFX, including JavaFX Mobile, weeks ago. Maybe it can help you in some way: