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modify discovery service

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Joined: 2007-10-01

Hello! I need to modify the reference implementation of discovery service, in order to use a set of keywords as search criteria. The getRemoteAdvertisement method allows user to specify the pair Attr e Value to define the criteria that advertisement must fulfill to satisfy the query. I would like to build up a new discovery service in which users should specify a set of pairs "Attr-Value" instead of a single pair. Is there any known project or any documentation in which this issue has been already faced? Maybe I've should implement a new group service, but I'm confused about it. The programmer's guide 2.5 doesn't tell much about it...
Thanks for any suggestion!

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Joined: 2003-06-13

I don't think multi-attributed query has been done in any known projects. I am thinking of some similar ideas about more flexible and powerful search strategy. I intend to develop regular expression based query. That would be perhaps very suitable for filtering advertisements, which are basically a bunch of texts.

By the way, some databases such as Oracle support regular expression based query. Anybody knows a good open source Java database which supports regular expressions? If it is available, it won't be too hard to embed it into the JXTA cache manager.