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Switching audio streams correctly

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Joined: 2006-03-28

Hey mates,

I have a problem when trying to switch audio streams when jumping from one playlist to the other... what i want is:

Playlist 1 plays stream 1, and then when i jump to Playlist 2, switch to AudioStream 2... problem is, what i get: playlist 1 correct, and then when playlist2 starts, i get the wrong audio stream (1) for a little time, and then i get the correct stream playing... this happens when i switch on MediaStartEvent & using the PlaylistChangeControl...

I tried creating a new player every time, and switching to correct stream on PrefetchCompleteEvent or RealizeCompleteEvent, but i get same results: wrong audio, then after MediaStartEvent correct one...

i get that on most HW players, except for the PS3...

Any ideas on what i can do to avoid that?