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JMaki initialization

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I,ve got a problem in the initialization of JMaki.I want to modify the file jmaki.js to modify some parameters of initialization, but this file is unreadable so i just can edit jmaki-uncompressed.js that is the same file,but the changes in this file aren´t effective.
What can I do?


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The jmaki.js is compressed to keep it really small. If you are creating a web application with one of the plugins the jmaki-uncompressed.js is also copied into your resources directory. If you don't have it there you can find a CVS version here:*checkout*/ajax/ws/lib/scripts/j...

After making changes we pack it using Dean Edwards Packer.

You don't have to pack it but it makes things even faster.

If you have changes that might benefit others please feel more than free to share / or join the project as a contributor.

We also have an extension mechanism for integrating page / user specific features. This can be found at:

Let me know if this is not enough.