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How to find out the status of a project?

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Hi all,
The community is actively working to provide better feedback about the activity inside projects, to owners and users alike.
You’ll see some of it in the, hopefully near, future, but in the mean time, you can see, for example that the 10 most active projects, considering repository activity, in our community (JavaTools) during the month of September were:
• hudson
• maven-repository
• jforum
• jeasytest
• jtharness
• maven2-repository
• apptale
• javacc
• webleaf

Measuring the liveliness of a project is not easy, as not all the projects use the same resources and having slow repository movement might mean the project is dying or simply that the projects is already quite stable.
So what do you think? What data would you like to see as user about projects? What would help you asses the status of a project? And on the other hand, if you are project owner, what information would you like to offer to your visitors (users, prospective helping hands…) about your project?

Now it’s your time to provide some feedback and influence the outcome that could benefit all the community.

So, what do you have to say?


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